2021 Natural Grocers Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

SASB I tem




Natural Grocers Response

Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet fuel consumed, percentage renewable

Gigajoules (GJ), Percentage (%)

FB-FR-110a.1 NG fleet (2 vehicles) 1,576 GJ, 0% renewable energy. NG fleet serves partial deliveries to 33 stores in the region. Third party deliveries to stores otherwise.

Air Emissions from Refrigeration Gross global Scope 1 emissions from refrigerants Air Emissions from Refrigeration Percentage of refrigerants consumed with zero ozone depleting potential

Metric tons CO2-e FB-FR-110b.1 We endeavor to disclose this information in the future

Percentage (%) by weight Percentage (%) Gigajoules (GJ), Percentage (%)

FB-FR-110b.2 We endeavor to disclose this information in the future

Air Emissions from Refrigeration Average refrigerant emissions rate

FB-FR-110b.3 We endeavor to disclose this information in the future FB-FR-130a.1 (1) We endeavor to disclose this information in the future (2) 100% (3) 0% FB-FR-150a.1 We endeavor to disclose this information in the future.

Energy Management

(1) Operational energy consumed (2) percentage grid electricity (3) percentage renewable

Food Waste Management

Amount of food waste generated, percentage diverted from the waste stream

Metric tons (t), Percentage (%)

Our product selection intentionally excludes self-service bulk bins, a deli counter, a meat counter, a seafood counter, and salad bar to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Data Security

(1) Number of data breaches (2) percentage involving personally identifiable information(PII) (3) number of customers affected Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks (1) Number of recalls (2) number of units recalled (3) percentage of units recalled that are private-label products Revenue from products labeled and/or marketed to promote health and nutrition attributes High-risk food safety violation rate

Number, Percentage (%)

FB-FR-230a.1 None

Data Security


FB-FR-230a.2 See the Governance / Data and Cybersecurity section

Food Safety Food Safety


FB-FR-250a.1 We endeavor to disclose this information in the future

Number, Percentage (%)

FB-FR-250a.2 (1) 9 total Class I recalls (2) 17 SKUs (3) 0% from Private Label

Product Health & Nutrition

U.S. Dollars ($)

FB-FR-260a.1 In FY21 grocery products represented $732 million or 69% of Net Sales, and

supplements represented $220 million or 21% of Net Sales. All food and supplements products meet the 260a.1 requirements: the products sold by Natural Grocers must meet high quality standards that are not known to contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, or partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils. The remaining $104 million or 10% of Net Sales relate to body care, pet and other products, most of which also have labeling and/or marketing to promote health and nutrition attributes. See also the Sustainability/ Product Standards section


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