2023 Natural Grocers Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Nutrition Education Nutrition Education is one of our Five Founding Principles. We are the only national grocery chain to support a full-time Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) position in all stores, whose primary responsibility is providing free nutrition education to our customers, Crew, and the surrounding community.

43,000 PEOPLE The impact of our Nutritional Health Coach Program, just in the last five years: optimized their health through our free health coaching services More than 7,000 free in store nutrition classes held More than 118,000 attendees educated and empowered In fiscal year 2023, our investment to provide free nutrition education was more than $6 MILLION

NUTRITIONAL HEALTH COACHES Our NHCs are a core element of our Nutrition Education program. NHCs must have earned a degree or certificate in nutrition or a related field from an accredited school, complete continuing education, and be thoroughly committed to fulfilling our mission. NHCs do not have a sales commission component to their compensation and therefore are focused on providing education. Our NHCs are available for complimentary one-on-one nutrition health-coaching sessions and Personalized Shopping experiences to educate and empower customers to make informed choices, optimize their eating plans and achieve their health goals. Each NHC develops community relationships with local stakeholders, working to improve individual and community health through collaborative partnerships and education. Outreach includes educational activities such as classes, lectures, seminars, health fairs, and store tours. To maximize their impact, we facilitate their focus on these in-store and community outreach educational events, as well as health-coaching sessions. We believe that our NHCs’ commitment to relationship-building opportunities in our communities, and with our customers, positively impacts community health and wellness. Additionally, our NHCs are an onsite resource of training and education for our Crew members. The NHCs train our Crew to use a compliant educational approach to customer service without attempting to diagnose or treat specific conditions or ailments. More information at: Nutritional Health Coaches RECIPES: To meet the needs of our customers, who have a wide range of dietary preferences (i.e., gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, keto, etc.), we develop recipes in-house and currently have over 400 recipes available on our website. EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: Consumers have access to over 450 health-related articles discussing diet, lifestyle, and product ingredient information.

More than 12,000 community outreach events



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