2023 Natural Grocers Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity We take seriously our responsibility to protect the information entrusted to us. We are committed to developing and maintaining processes designed to enhance data privacy and cybersecurity. Our Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of cybersecurity risk and has appointed the Operating Company’s Vice President of Information Technology as the point person for regular reporting to the Board on cybersecurity risks and actions taken to mitigate those risks. We have a dedicated team that is responsible for managing enterprise-wide information security strategy, policy, standards, architecture, and processes. We believe we have implemented data privacy and cybersecurity practices reasonably designed to prevent the loss of customer information. For example, we employ point-to-point encryption to protect customer data on our PIN pads, regularly test system defenses through an independent third party, and have implemented email filtering, spam, and phishing detection services intended to reduce the threat of email attacks. All Crew are trained on cybersecurity practices multiple times per year. Our Privacy Policy is available at: Privacy policy Public Policy Practices

Anonymous reporting is available at:

We believe our ability to profitably operate our business depends, in part, upon our access to natural and organic products and dietary supplements. We attempt to protect our interest in this access through ongoing and proactive political advocacy campaigns, including participation in education programs, petitions, letter writing, phone calls, policy conferences, advisory boards, industry groups, public commentary, and meetings with trade groups, office holders and regulators. We may publicly ally with and support trade groups, political candidates, government officials, and regulators who support a particular policy we consider important to our business and are aligned with our principles regarding access to natural and organic products and dietary supplements. We may, from time to time, publicly oppose other trade groups, candidates, officeholders, and regulators whose point of view we believe will harm our business or impede access to nutritious food and dietary supplements. Ethics and Compliance We seek to operate in an ethical manner and have adopted a written code of ethics to promote a responsible and ethical work environment. We maintain and enforce our code of conduct to protect associates, suppliers, and customers. The Code of Ethics is available at Ethics, and the Corporate Governance Guidelines are available at Corporate governance guidelines.

Ethics Reporting Hotline (888) 320-0029 www.lighthouse-services.com/vitamincottage reports@lighthouse-services.com Disclosure and Ethics Committee (303) 986-4600 ethics@NaturalGrocers.com

Additional information about our governance efforts can be found at: The governance section of our investor relations website Our 2023 Annual Report on Form 10-K Our 2024 Proxy Statement



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