2023 Natural Grocers Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Pay and Benefits We are committed to positively impacting Crew’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Some of the ways we show our commitment include:​ COMPETITIVE PAY:​ • Starting pay for all positions is above federal and state minimum wage levels • We post the starting pay rate or hiring pay range for all open positions • We conduct periodic compensation reviews to identify and resolve any pay equity disparities • We do not have wage caps for store positions • We have regularly scheduled (annual) merit pay increases for all Crew​ SCHEDULING IS PREDICTABLE, FAIR, AND CONSCIENTIOUS: Average rate for hourly store Crew was more than $21.00 as of November 2023 including $1.00 per hour store credit ($2,080 annually for full time Crew). This compares to the November 2019 average wage rate of approximately

$15.50 per hour and reflects our longstanding commitment to investing in our Crew. Traditions We Continue Birthday Pay: Margaret Isely, one of our founders, began the tradition of celebrating every good4u Crew member by taking them out to lunch for their birthday. In honor of Margaret’s spirit of celebrating life, and as our personal thank you to every Crew member, we’ve continued this tradition with Birthday Bonus Pay. We pay Crew for their special day whether they choose to work or take the time off: Full-time 8hrs | Part-time 4hrs Home for the Holidays: We are closed on most major holidays and Crew are paid for these days so they can spend time with family and friends. Vitamin Bucks (store credit): Margaret always had a pantry of food items available to Crew ensuring access to a healthy lunch. As the company grew, Vitamin Bucks were created to carry-on Margaret’s mission to empower Crew to take charge of their health.​

Each store has a master schedule that results in consistency. Schedules are posted two weeks in advance. Each new Crew member knows what their schedule will be at the time they are hired. If there needs to be a change to the master schedule, the Manager must discuss scheduling changes with Crew in advance. PAID TIME OFF: We offer paid time off to all Crew. It accumulates based on hours worked and starts to accrue from the first hour worked. For full time Crew this equates to ten paid days off in their first year, fifteen in the second year, and twenty-five by the tenth year. CREW DISCOUNTS: Substantial Crew and family member discounts, in addition to our $1.00 per hour store credit benefit, are essential in ensuring our Crew and their families have access to affordable and high-quality food and supplement options. Crew who have chosen to retire from the workforce and who had continuous service with us of 14 years or more are awarded a continuing employee discount. COMPREHENSIVE BENEFITS OFFERING: All full-time employees (30+ hours/week) are eligible for a competitive benefits package. More info is available at: good4u Crew benefits. NUTRITION EDUCATION: Crew members receive free, monthly Nutrition Education training and other opportunities to earn rewards for learning about nutrition and participating in health and wellness challenges. They also have access to free consultations with our on-site Nutritional Health Coaches.​ HEALTH AND WELLNESS CORNERS: All store Crew have daily access to free immune and stress-reducing supplements​. THE HEROES IN APRONS FUND: A 501(c)(3) charitable entity that provides short-term financial assistance to qualifying Crew members or their immediate family members who experience unanticipated hardships.



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