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Remember When? A Supplement to Support Your Sweet Memories Great love stories usually have a moment the lovers recollect with exceptional clarity. The moment they met. The moment they knew. Infuse more of that memorable magic into your love story’s daily details this February when you support mental clarity, memory, and cognitive health with Carlson ® Super DHA plus Lutein. This formula combines the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, vital for promoting cognitive, mood, and nerve health, with Lutemax 2020 ® , delivering lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids maintain polyunsaturated fatty acids, like DHA, by scavenging free radicals. And, studies have shown that lutein also increases Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), which promotes brain plasticity—important for learning and memory. Brought to you by a family owned, female-led company known for its award-winning quality since 1965—make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with Carlson Super DHA plus Lutein.

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Be Mine – Nut Buttercup If you’ve found the person that suits you like peanut butter suits chocolate—say so with Justin’s ® this Valentine’s Day! Or, to be more specific, say it with Justin’s Nut Butter Cups. This reinvention of the classic candy deliciously ventures outside the wrapper with Almond and Cashew butter flavors, too. They’re certified organic and gluten free, made with fully traceable RSPO Certified Sustainable PalmOil™ and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa. And, if the nut butter to your chocolate happens to be in friendship rather than romance—Justin’s is here for it. Just don’t forget to treat yourself because YOU are the most important nut of all, wink wink. Want the best of both worlds this Valentine’s? Indulge your sweetheart and your sweet tooth with Lily’s ® —chocolate so “drool-worthy” it doesn’t need added sugar! Stevia and a handful of other naturally derived sweeteners and fibers deliver the exquisite taste and texture of Lily’s Chocolate Bars. And they’re Certified Gluten Free and made with non GMO and Fair Trade ingredients. With enchanting flavors like Hazelnut, or BloodOrange, it’s not hard to find one (or three) to suit your favorite Valentine. Because Lily’s delivers what every good relationship should—the best of both worlds. $ 3 29 SALE! ALWAYS AFFORDABLE $ 4.49 EACH Lily’s ® —for Your Sugar-Free Sweethearts


Sweet Dreams for Sweethearts They say you lose sleep when you fall in love. But the reasons for lousy ZZZ’s aren’t usually so romantic—more often defined by everyday challenges like stress, work schedules, and parenting. Support your body in getting those sweet dreams back this February with NeuroQ ® Sleep NowOral Strips, delivering nutrients that help pave the pathway to restful sleep. Melatonin supports the healthy regulation of sleep cycles, facilitates the normal transition to sleep, and promotes consistent quality slumber.1 And the amino acid L-theanine influences neurotransmitters to help us cope with stress and encourages feelings of calm and relaxation.2 NeuroQ stands out from the crowd with its unique, dissolve-on-the-tongue delivery system designed for enhanced absorption, e ectiveness, and take-anywhere convenience. And it comes in a refreshing, minty flavor—perfect for a Valentine’s kiss goodnight!

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