Health Hotline Magazine | October 2022


VITAMINS S trip away the frills and thrills of the latest “it” supplement and you’ll find something surprising—our bodies were made to function with just the essentials— essential vitamins and minerals that is. And at the seat of health, you’ll find the tried-and-true B vitamins. In fact, the body was made for their energy-producing, brain- supporting, stress-busting, mood-boosting, immune- strengthening, and blood sugar-balancing e ects—in other words, in order to function and be healthy through every phase of life, our bodies need the B’s. The body needs the B’s much like it needs air—without them, and even with suboptimal amounts, the structures our bodies are built upon crack and eventually collapse, causing colossal damage in its wake. By Liz Mueller

B’s at Work in the Body The B’s are a family of vitamins and include of B 1 (thiamine), B 2 (riboflavin), B 3 (niacin), B 5 (pantothenic acid), B 6 (pyridoxine), B 7 (biotin), B 9 (folate/folic acid), and B 12 (cobalamin). They work in harmony in the body to ensure everything runs smoothly. The B vitamins are necessary for the utilization of protein and the conversion of amino acids from protein into hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes required by the body to function. They are also required to convert carbohydrates and fats into energy. In simple terms, every cell in the body—making up all of our tissues and organs—requires the B vitamins for energy. Without su cient B’s, the cells simply don’t have the energy they need to function, which can cause dysfunction in a number of body systems. The B vitamins are quite literally the spark of life your body needs to function at its finest.

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