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Natural Grocers ® Brand Coenzyme B-Complex contains all of the B vitamins in their unique body-ready, or “coenzymated,” forms. These active B vitamins enhance bioavailability to ensure the body gets the full range of benefits of these fundamental vitamins. † JUST B

B CALM Stressed? Frayed nerves? Searching for a sense of calm? B vitamins support the production of brain chemicals that support a healthy, positive mood and a sense of resilience, helping you deal with life’s big and little stresses so you can face the world with calm confidence. They also nourish your adrenal glands, supporting resilience, and help you handle the physical, emotional, and mental impacts of stress. † B VITAMINS, IMMUNE SYSTEM HEROES Su cient intake of the B vitamins is important for optimal immune system function, especially in older individuals. The B vitamins are necessary for the healthy production of important immune cells and antibodies, and ensure immune cells have the energy they need to function at their best. † B ENERGIZED Familiar with the daily afternoon energy slump? Every B vitamin is required by our cells to produce energy and insu ciencies in any one of them is enough to reduce energy production, leaving you feeling tapped out. † B KIND TO YOUR HEART Maintaining flexible arteries, optimal energy production, supporting a healthy inflammatory response, healthy blood sugar levels, and resilience during stressful times are all key to a healthy, happy heart and cardiovascular system. B vitamins play a key role in all of these processes. † B GONE, BRAIN FOG You know the feeling when it seems your brain isn’t working quite right? Or you just don’t have full mental clarity? That’s brain fog. Banish the brain fog with the B vitamins, which help maintain focus and clarity, while also supporting memory and learning. †

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*Offers valid from 10/01/22 through 12/31/22 and are redeemable only for in-store purchases at participating Natural Grocers stores. Quantity limited to stock on hand; no rain checks. We reserve the right to correct errors. Void where prohibited by law. Other terms and conditions apply. See page 2 for details. † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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