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Organic India ® —Tea for a Healthier P anet Let’s have a cup of tea and talk about regeneration. It’s Organic India Herbal Tulsi Tea we’re brewing, and as the aromatic steam rises from our cups—may we be transported to the farms where the botanicals are grown. Often degraded by conventional agriculture in decades past—they’re now thriving ecosystems where one farmer observed, “I have seen the return of birds I haven’t seen since childhood.” Because for over 20 years, Organic India has been partnering with farmers in traditionally marginalized communities to cultivate their land using regenerative organic practices. Over time, habitats flourish, yields and income increase, and they haven’t lost a single farmer partner. Now the company is taking what they’ve always practiced to the next level by pursuing Regenerative Organic Certification ® . Sip to support healing the planet with Organic India teas!


Equal Exchange Fairly Traded— Connecting You to a Better Brew

Co ee—it’s a daily ritual of connection—through hospitality, conversation… reflection. And, that’s what Equal Exchange Co ee is all about—connecting. It connects farmers to their communities, agricultural practices to climate resiliency, and your dollar to authentic fair-trade principles. Discover how with a sip of these three Certified Organic roasts. The Breakfast Blend supports regenerative agriculture practices and community organic fertilizer centers at the Manos Campesinas in Guatemala. The French Roast helps the PRODECOOP in Nicaragua—where 30% of farmers are women, collaboratively improve the welfare of the 38 villages it represents. And, the Mind, Body & Soul Blend is a testament to resilience, as Mexican farmer co-ops and Equal Exchange worked together to re establish crops in the wake of a devastating co ee leaf fungus. Equal Exchange—the brew that connects your choices today to people and the planet’s well-being tomorrow! Will you have a cuppa?

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NOW ® —Because Doing Better for the P anet Can’t Wait!


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When it comes to quality, family-owned supplement maker NOW has been all in for over 50 years! And, this year, they’re all in on a big move for the planet—transitioning their supplement bottles to 100% PCR resin, made from recycled plastics. It’s a move expected to divert over three million pounds of plastic from landfills in the first year alone. And, it means the company contributes less to the enormous carbon footprint of producing new plastic! But, before launching this transition, NOW spent almost two years conducting rigorous tests to ensure formula stability in the new packaging—because they never cut corners on quality! So, when you see the cheerful logo of NOW’s extensive range of supplements—cheer their commitment to your health and the planet. Then start exploring—they have a formula for everyone.

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