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DR. BRONNER’S – Change Your Choco ate Bar, Change the World

This chocolate is for the people who believe we can make the positive change we want to see in the world. It's the alchemy of perfectly balanced ingredients, sweetened with coconut sugar and crafted with the finesse of Swiss chocolatiers. It's Certified Organic, Fair for Life Fair Trade, and vegan, and the main ingredients in every bar are produced with regenerative organic agriculture practices. It's Dr. Bronner's Magic All-One®Chocolate, strengthening female farmers and farming communities through the integrity of its sourcing partnerships. And it's the perfect Valentine's Day indulgence for all your magical humans—the taste of making a di erence together! P.S. Smooth Coconut Praline—it’s magic for your taste buds. $ 3 49 SALE! ALWAYS AFFORDABLE $ 4.69 EACH

2/ $ 5 SALE! ALWAYS AFFORDABLE SM $ 2.99 Excludes Organic and No Sugar Added Bars

PETIT POT™ – Perfect in Every Way Perhaps you don't believe in love at first sight but try Petit Pot Pot De Crème, and you'll believe in love at first bite! Because this loose French dessert custard, in a dainty, reusable glass jar, is all the things—just right sweetness, decadent texture, and perfectly proportioned. Overindulgence isn't the feeling you'll be left with, just exquisite satisfaction. Certified Organic, with deliciousness ranging fromDark Chocolate to Butterscotch—batches are still taste-tested daily by the brand's founder, Max, whose philosophy is "make it magique or don't make it at all." Infuse more joie de vivre into your daily details this February with Petit Pot, and don't forget to share with your sweetest Valentines. Chocolove ® —A Love Letter to Choco ate Chocolove presents the limited-edition Raspberry Rose—a bar made for romance! The fresh fruity notes and vibrant pink hue of Ruby cacao pair perfectly with its filling of raspberry, lime, and lemon purees and a hint of rose. Gift it with Chocolove's other Valentine's exclusives, Cinnamon Ganache and Cherry Cordial, for a trio that says to every chocoholic I see you, I get you, I love you." Chocolove is crafted with premium Belgian chocolate into pairings so flavorful you might call them poetic. And within each wrapper, there is, in fact, a love poem. What better way to say—"be mine, Valentine?”

THEO ® – Taste and Make the World a Better P ace One bite of a Theo chocolate bar, and you know—it's crafted with passion for every detail, from the beans to the bar melting in your mouth. And when you choose Theo, you're also supporting positive outcomes for farming communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR). The brand procures much of its cocoa directly from this region through partnerships with like-minded organizations, helping to significantly increase the price per ton for its farmers. CertifiedOrganic and Fair for Life Fair Trade, Theo is for all your Valentines who make the world a better place wherever they go. Also…Cherry Almond in 70% dark chocolate—who can resist?

$ 3 29 SALE! ALWAYS AFFORDABLE $ 4.49 EACH 2 8 A $ 3.65


OFFERS VALID JANUARY 27 TO FEBRUARY 25, 2023 Terms and conditions apply. See page 2 for details.

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