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WOMEN’S HEALTH Women juggle many roles as life creators and modern superheroes, from nurturing families to leading empires. Amidst this frenetic dance of life, their bodies have unique and ever-evolving nutritional requirements. This is why supplements tailored to the modern woman’s needs can help provide the fuel she requires while pursuing her myriad quests. This lineup is tuned into a woman’s health goals, supporting and empowering her superhero journey. *

Women’s Multivitamin. What do women want? A premium quality multivitamin focused on her unique nutritional requirements! To support staying healthy, you need a science-based dose of vitamins and minerals every day. Look for a product that contains a comprehensive range of essential vitamins and minerals tailored to you, complete with bioavailable nutrients to fill your nutritional gaps. Natural Grocers ® Brand Trans-Resveratrol. Is there a connection between red grape skins and healthy aging? It’s called resveratrol, a red-grape-skin-derived polyphenol known to support your healthy march through time. And menopause has met its match with this phytonutrient: Studies show it maintains bone health, cognition, and body comfort and reduces hot flashes in menopausal and postmenopausal women. Or try Natural Grocers Brand Trans-Resveratrol, which provides even more polyphenols than the standard variety.

Natural Grocers Brand D-Mannose. It’s a simple sugar that brings sweet support to normal urinary tract function by cleansing and maintaining a healthy bladder lining. And if the term “simple sugar” worries you, it doesn’t interfere with healthy blood sugar balance because you metabolize very little of it. Natural Grocers Brand Cranberry + C & Cranberry + Propolis. This brilliant berry’s free radical scavenging compounds support a healthy microbial balance inside the urinary tract. And because it’s such a key player in promoting normal urinary tract function, we have two Natural Grocers Brand formulas featuring it. One contains Vitamin C for additional immune support, and the other contains propolis because recent studies have shown that it makes cranberry’s ability to support the urinary tract’s microbial balance even more effective. Women’s Probiotics. Of the many strains of probiotics, some are uniquely supportive of a woman’s needs. These have been shown to colonize the vaginal tract, promoting healthy yeast balance, vaginal, and urinary tract health.


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